28 April 2007

Logging in the Shope Creek Forest

This is sort of an aside from the general focus of what I intended my blog to be about, but perhaps this marks a shift in the focus I intend to take with my blog. Some of the National Forest lands down the street from my parents house in Asheville, NC are under review for logging by the U.S. Forest Service.

I understand that due to overconsumption of wood products, logging in federally owned lands is more or less unavoidable at this point. I also understand that just because an area is important to me, I shouldn't try to push resource extraction onto lands that other people hold dear.

That all being said, I believe this area to contain some rather important ecological features and perhaps other areas might be better suited. For now I will post some links about the plans and in the future I hope to add some information about the ecology of the area and possible negative impacts of the plans (aside from those that are already documented).

For more information about these plans check out:
The actual U.S. Forest Service write-up
The Asheville Citizen-Times article
The Mountain Xpress article

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