30 April 2007

Resources on Urban Greening

Okay so... due to my exam schedule and what not, I haven't really been able to get to trying to flesh out my research idea yet. I guess I can go ahead and lay down some sort of outline and add more detail a little at a time until I get a chance to run with it.

I. Introduction
1. Systems Approach defined
2. Urban Greening Defined

II. Modern Applications of Urban Greening
1. Current Design and Planning Processes for Urban Greening
2. Case Studies of Successfully Planned Projects
3. Case Studies of Failed Planned Projects

III. Factors important to the development of an Urban Greening Model
1. Economic Valuation
2. Assessment of Environmental Factors
3. Role of Geography/Topography in Design
4. Need for Information Systems and Databases

IV. Development of an Urban Greening Model
1. Proposed Model
2. Input Requirements for Proposed Model
3. Limitations of Proposed Model
4. Future Uses of Proposed Model

V. Summary and Conclusion
Hopefully I will be adding more in the next couple of days. I will post my research proposal as I finish writing it.

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