27 April 2007

Systems Approach to Urban Greening

So even though I'm not sure any one really reads this, but I am looking to begin some research on creating or at least consolidating a Systems Based Approach to Urban Greening Projects. I see a lot of non-profits, RPOs, and MPOs working to implement greening projects, but I am wondering what model they are using to design them.

Ideally I am looking to work on a research project that could lead to the development of open source informational resources that could be used in designing urban greening projects. These resources would help account for the economic, social, environmental, and aesthetic variables within greening projects. I believe that a Systems Based Approach could be a valuable tool in creating projects that result in more than simple green vegetation in an otherwise anthropogenic landscape.

If anyone has an where I could begin looking for this information or would be interested in possible collaboration just leave a comment on the blog. I intend to use this blog to show what I have found out and give links to other individuals working on similar projects.

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