06 May 2007

An Update to Open Source GIS (qGIS) and the Army and LEED

Okay, so due to a busy weekend I am going to keep this brief. In addition to the last stuff I posted about qGIS, I discovered that it integrates with GPS straight out of the box (some additional function require plugin downloads). The program is designed with rather simplistic two-way communication features catered to the *.GPX file format. In addition to handling *.GPX file formats, qGIS can be integrated with GPSBabel so that non-native formats can be easily converted within qGIS. The GPX information is imported as an overlay layer and can be updated within qGIS and exported back into the memory of the GPS device.

On another topic completely, I have been hearing a lot of buzz lately about more and more cities implementing LEED building requirements on any construction of new city-owned buildings. Asheville city recently set standards on what level of LEED requirements they would be adhering to (more info). What I find most inspiring however is that the Army agreed to embrace the LEED standard over a year ago (more info). The news about Asheville setting their standard just reminded my of the Army and LEED and I just wanted to post it as I think it provides hope that people in all sectors of society are finally starting to get things.

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