05 June 2007

Support Our Soldiers, Save Some Energy

So in light of Memorial Day and the controversy surrounding the war in Iraq, I found a bumper sticker that points out a fact that we should all take to heart.

Many have pointed out that the U.S. interest in maintaining a stable Mid-Eastern political climate is necessary for continuation of the American economic Status Quo. With the cost of the current war, both financially and in terms of the lives of soldiers it seems that our politicians might be willing to explore alternatives to current methods of energy production.

An article floating around Digg shows that we are instead set in maintaining our current energy production patterns, even at the expense of legislatively alienating developing technologies.

I understand that coal and oil are not the same source, but both are the type of non-renewable fossil based fuels that contribute to both environmental degradation and political instability. Perhaps rather than fighting the fight against terrorism or a stable world political climate on the battlefield, we should all examine where our energy comes from and the totality of its price. Rather than spewing a rhetoric of supporting our troops while demanding that they come home, we should show our true support for our troops through demanding clean energy and reducing our personal dependence on fossil-based fuels.

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