11 July 2007

Free transit for everyone

I ran across this post on TreeHugger and couldn't help but agree with it completely. Although I currently receive free bus fare through my employer (and former school), I would love to see some relief on those that can't afford another option other than mass transit as well as those who chose to act more responsibly in their transportation choices. Get the full text of the article here, but a few of my favorite suggestions for improvement of the transit system were:
  • a barrier-free transportation option to every member of the community (no more worries about exact change, expiring transfers, or embarrassment about how to pay)
  • reducing, and in some cases eliminating, the need for private motorized vehicle parking
  • contributing significantly to the local economy by keeping our money in our communities
  • allowing all bus doors to be used to load passengers, making service faster and more efficient
  • giving operators more time to answer questions

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