02 July 2007

Google Maps API for Asheville Transit System

I just wanted to make a quick post to show a API I am working on to port the Asheville City (North Carolina) transit system into a Google Map API. Hopefully I will continue work on this project to include detailed information on all routes. The overlay works as a link to an existing Google map I have created and will be updated as I make updates to the maps. I believe that this provides map information to users in a more tangible and easily accessible format. The long term goals I envision for this project will include detailed information on each route stop including bus arrival times and a picture of the stop in case users are unfamiliar with the area.

I believe that if resources are invested to expand the information about the Asheville transit into existing more trendy technologies, ridership demographics will also expand.

This format also lends to make the information available on portable technologies such as mobile phones and PDAs. Public Transit needs to be made to look and feel cool in order for it to shed the stigma that currently plagues it.

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