03 July 2007

Just Random Thoughts...

So I attended a discussion/presentation today about transportation and planning in the Asheville area, the dialog that took place was rather interesting and a few of the key things I took away were:
  1. Asheville needs to take steps to rid itself of its pedestrian hostility (being someone who bikes or walks for large portion of my transportation needs, I have long felt that pedestrians are treated as lesser citizens to those who utilize automobiles).
  2. Infrastructure needs to be implaced to decrease automobile usage and to make made multi-modal transportation methods feasible (in Asheville this is somewhat difficult due to an aging transportation network).
  3. Attention needs to be devoted to ridership demographics and focus needs to be directed toward attracting a more diverse socio-economic crowd in order to make mass-transit "cool" again.
  4. Options such as park-to-ride lots need to be implemented to decrease the amount of parking space and traffic utilized in the city center.
  5. Efforts can be directed toward the entire greater Asheville area and its more problematic corridors rather than just the city center.
  6. Proper planning will require efforts from a number of organizations included NGOs, government entities, business interests, and true citizen involvement.
Some of these conclusions were derived from direct statements within the talk and others were pieced together from the discussion. I believe that much of the dialog today can be extended to other cities and I learned that quite a number of other cities have technologies and ideas that Asheville needs to examine.

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