16 July 2007

More Note on Being Vegan...

As I am I running through the blogs I frequent. I am realizing how often I find inspiration from the blogs of my fellow vegans for menu ideas. Even if you're not vegan and your just looking for exciting new meal ideas, blogs provide a wonderful opportunity to get an idea of what normal people cook and how those recipes that you've always been afraid to attempt actually turn out. Here's a few of my top links:
  1. What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway
  2. Walking the Vegan Line
  3. Urban Vegan
  4. Notes from the Vegan Feast Kitchen
  5. Eat Air - A Vegan Food Log
  6. Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan!
I am sorry if I left anyone out and please feel free to leave comments with your favorite vegan site or blog. So far I have been able to "toe the line" of veganism and haven't caught myself trying to cheat. The only problem I have had is that I keep ending up with vanilla soy milk rather than regular, which results in some interesting variations on recipes.

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