31 July 2007

New domain name

So for anyone that has visited this blog before you may have noticed a new domain name. I am still not sure why I decided to register for a domain name other than it was cheap and that I had the "Trigger Hippie" idea floating around in my head after hearing it in a song the other night. It stems from a certain duality that I find in my life stemming from a devotion to my military career and subsequently my little family within the military that means so much to me combined with my passion for our natural world. I have been pondering a set of tatoos on my calves and have been stuck on the idea of a tree of life on one calf and a fallen soldiers memorial on the other. So since I am sort of a nerd, I ended up with a domain as an attempt to hold off on blowing my money on a tat. Check out GoDaddy for cheap domains if you are looking to disguise your frugality and want to get some flair for your blog and your e-mail.

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