10 July 2007

Progress on my re-Vegan experiment

So things have been going well in my experiment to re-vegan myself. I can't say that I have completely avoided animal products as I have yet to purge my food stocks of all non-vegan foods. I decided that I was not going to waste food in the process, but would instead transition into a vegan diet. It seemed a bit hypocritical to throw away perfectly good food in order to adopt which is intended to lessen environmental impacts. I have enjoyed re-engineering recipes and creating new foods and I think I am headed along a better path as far as keeping nutritional value and cost in check than I was the last time.

Anyway I ran across this vegan food pyramid on a webpage of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and thought it worth reposting as it gives a pretty good framework for beginner vegans. It definitely helps show that my habit of chowing down on vegan cupcakes is still not nutritious.

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