17 July 2007

A Random Conglomeration of Green Things

First off there has been a decent amount of press on the net about attempts to get a "bike sharing" project of the ground in NYC. I guess that's the downside of living in the southeast... we have to wait until all the progressive ideas to migrate from up North and out West. Check out the program details here.

The Google Earth Blog showed off some more of the capabilities of the Google Earth platform. As web developers and businesses get behind the application, more and more ways of porting large and complex datasets are starting to surface. The blog features information about an GE overlay filled with power production locations for the western United States.

Headway came up with an interesting idea in terms of increasing transit ridership. Create your own signage and spread the gospel of transit guerrilla style. Rather than depending on your local transit authority to provide route schedules on each individual sign (my relatively small town of ~100,000 people has 900+ officially registered stops), find the schedule for the stops that you use most often and take responsibility for maintaining a route schedule (replacing it when it weathers and keeping it up to date). Also on Headway more on the iPhone and its transit uses as programs such as "MuniTime" make real-time transit information available showing when a bus or train will arrive at a particular stop.

Some minor waves have surfaced in legislative circles over the past few weeks concerning the concept of hot gas. R-Squared Energy Blog has done a couple of interesting write-ups to despute media claims (which for the most part have stated that due to the chemical properties of gasoline, consumers are being sold less energy per gallon of gas during hot summer days because gas expands in volume when it is heated). I have to wonder that if the media claims hold any water, aren't gas stations purchasing hot gas (since I don't think that gas tankers are regrigorated) and then turning around and selling that gas to consumers? In fact isn't everyone in the gas industry exposed to the higher temperatures? Maybe the summer price of gas should be higher as the cost of storage and transportation goes up for the sales side of the industry.

WorldChanging found a program in India that helps its customers eliminate waste. Consumers apparently pick a container for waste to use within their home or office and the service helps to sort the waste (i.e. recycling, composting, etc.) in order to help the customer to understand how to reduce their "trash".

I'll try to do another run down of items I have "starred" in my Google Reader (a terrific program for staying on top of the current events or blogs that you find of particular interest) within the next couple of days. Please feel free to leave comments on any items that you would like to see me cover more often.

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