31 July 2007

Rockin New Shirt

So normally I don't sport shirts displaying my non-meat eating preferences as to avoid being accosted by those attempting to justify why they chose to adhere to certain dietary patterns in a seeming effort to compensate for some feelings of guilt.

I am not judging. Trust me. I find myself very defensive of any action that I feel guilty about (i.e. needlessly driving my car) and at times I find that guilt compels me into an almost offensive state.

Like I have mentioned in earlier posts, I am working on re-gaining my vegan footing after a rather extensive hiatus. I am vegan for a variety of reasons, mostly for environmental reasons, but also because I have issues regarding needlessly depriving something of life. Anyway, back to the shirt. I found it. I thought it was fun. AND it was on clearance. Here's a picture. If you like it, I suggest you visit the site soon as they are closing down the e-commerce site soon.

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