02 August 2007

Bike Sharing Goes Hi-Tech

I've seen a lot of information lately about bike-sharing programs being implemented throughout Europe and even select locations in the states. I personally love this idea as I can see definite need for multi-modal transportation that is flexible and doesn't require the immense forethought that our current transit systems are sometimes associated with. Maybe you missed your normal bus and need a quick way to cut accross a few blocks to catch an alternate route. Perhaps you can ditch your car for your in-town errands following a lengthy commute.

Streetsblog had a pretty interesting post on a program in Berlin that uses cell phone technology to lock and unlock the bike. The program does away with the need for bike lockers or designated racks through its innovative self locking mechanism. A user who wished to check out the bike simply calls the number on the bike and the rear-wheel locking mechanism is released. When the user is done with there errands they call the number again to re-lock the bike leaving where it sits. The service charges about 6 cent a minute and is administered by the government. Check out the full post.

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