01 August 2007

Oh God No! Not The Nalgene

Treehugger (who incidentally was purchased by Discovery today) featured a rather disturbing article on the iconic accessory of the outdoorsy environmentalist. It turns out that the rumors floating around about Nalgene bottles and hormone disruptors might have some ground. Check out the full post for more information.

Whatever shall we switch to? Glass? I think not. I can't chuck a glass bottle in my pack and ride the bike wherever without risking loss of limb or at a minimum digits. I checked out Sigg bottles, but I seemed to remember some scare about Alzheimer's and aluminum as kid. It must have been big as I have no such cookware in my kitchen (suggesting that the metal was somehow subconsciously stigmatized at my hands). A quick glance at Wikipedia shows that the research on the Alzheimer's/Aluminum link is inconclusive at this point, so who knows if they are entirely safe.

Then again with cities beginning to ban bottled water (due to litter though the disposable plastic bottles are linked with the same horomone disrupting problem as the Nalgenes) the race to find a new, rugged container is one. Anyone have suggestions?

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