17 September 2007

Now everyone knows that you waste energy

A recent post on GigaOM showed that Google Maps is usage is seeing noted increases due to the release of the iPhone and other mobile phone ventures including Nokia are looking for ways to put maps in the hands of users. With Google and Yahoo now attempting to compete in the internet map arena, users are being granted spatially abilities that they had previously never dreamed of attaining.

The City of Haringey (United Kingdom) has found an incredibly powerful application for these easily accessible widely available tools... informing other people of your bad habits. Haringey has developed a map that illustrates the relative heat loss among the city's buildings. Although there are some potential concerns about privacy (especially here in the United States where we demand to be in complete control of information pertaining to us), similar maps could foster an unified moral imperative among community members. As map data integrates even more complex datasets, perhaps we can begin to see the carbon emissions or power use of our neighbors.

Credit goes to JETSONGREEN.com for the original post.

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