14 September 2008

Community Development Project - Sideline Issues

After experiencing continual problems with traffic in my neighborhood, I decided to notify the Asheville Police Department to request some means of increased enforcement regarding several traffic related issues in the Oakley area. My e-mail is below.

I was wondering what the procedure would be for filing a traffic related complaint. I live directly on Fairview Rd and have witnessed a large number of vehicle drivers moving through the area recklessly (largely moving through the area at speeds that appear to be greater than the speed limit). I have also seen several instances of vehicle drivers failing to display the proper caution toward pedestrians and vehicles attempting to enter Fairview Road from side streets and driveways.

Additionally, there are several vehicles that move through the area playing stereos at a volume that I would consider in violation of the noise ordinance. Many times this activity takes place during the later hours of the night (after midnight) making it difficult to sleep.

Any assistance I could obtain in formalizing my concerns and attempting to achieve some reductions in the noted behaviors would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Josh O'Conner

I attempted to send the e-mail to the address listed on the Asheville Police Department's website (police@ashevillenc.gov), and have received several bouncebacks stating that no such e-mail exists (I have attempted to send this e-mail from two different e-mail addresses). I want to have a record of my conversation to use it as part of the source materials for this project (thus it is very important to use e-mail). I called Asheville Police Department's administration line on Friday afternoon and had my call forwarded to the City of Asheville's IT deparment. I was asked to place a work order concerning the problem I was experiencing. To my knowledge the e-mail address is still not operation (on Sunday, 14-Sep) and I am supposed to receive a call or an e-mail when it is.

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Cathy said...

Captain Daryl Fisher dfisher@ashevillenc.gov

Melissa Williams

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