06 May 2009

Gopher 1, Josh 0

I finally got all the tomatoes planted last night.  For the most part I planted tomato in buckets (due to limited yard area and worries about possible soil contamination), but when I got home today, two out of the three tomatoes I planted in raised beds were missing.

I was able to quickly identify the culperet as it didn't stray far from the scene of the crime (it was busy destroying the neighbor's lawn at the time I discovered the damage).  The tell-tale gopher-esque teeth marks on the remaining stem of the tomato plant confirmed my suspcisions.

I did some quick research on humane and safe gopher repellents and deduced that perhaps I could try lining my garden beds with a mixture of Tobasco sauce and water.  It seemed like a good idea to put the mixture into a Super Soaker in order to expedite the process (in turns out that the force at which the Super Soaker discharges the mixture aerolizes the combination and produce a mace like substance).

My own personal discomfort aside, we'll see how the plan works.  So far the gopher has left the corn, squash, and beans in the other raised bed alone, but there is no telling if he is just waiting for it to ripen.  I'll try to remember to post an update about how the plan works out.