31 August 2009

The Matrix Runs on Windows XP

29 August 2009

The Scariest Words in the English Language

Warning the language is a bit rough... but it's still funny.

28 August 2009

Interesting Take on the Health Care Debate

04 August 2009

Twine... new ways to sort through information

One of the things I look to learn more about is the concept of social networking as it relates to the planning profession as well as to the concepts of community development and citizen participation as a whole. One of the things that I have notices is that social networking can be quite a daunting task even in the bests of circumstances. With all the resources out there to share information (Twitter, Google Reader, Facebook, Reddit, etc.) its easy to quickly give up and just turn off to the whole idea because of how quickly you can drown in the sheer amount of information put out there by those who want to network with you (not to mention the numerous social media gurus who try to creep onto your list of contacts).

Twine offers a simple way to share links and pertinent information about certain topics called "twines". Within those twines the people that you network with can place links along with commentary referencing the usefulness of the links. Twine allows you to control the types of information that you see and organizes it in such a way that makes it easy to sort through. Twine also encourages you to share your web browsing experience with other users and even offers the ability to upload your pre-categorized bookmarks to the site.

Although Twine still lets the occasional advertiser sneak through and still gives you far more information than you could feasibly handle, the ability to pass along user tags and categorization make it a valuable tool for social networking. It is particularly powerful for community development and citizen participation solely because of the volume of information featured about those topics. Check it out at http://www.twine.com.