14 March 2010

Jedi Tab

While deployments generally suck in terms of being away from home combined with the drudgery of everyday military life, there are still plenty of opportunities for entertainment.  Most of these opportunities are self-created, but soldiers have seemingly boundless capabilities for amusing themselves.  During our free time on my last deployment our common sources of fun included duct taping one another to chairs, rearranging the living areas of others, and the "Water Head" Olympics (a series of athletic events which revolved around Olympic like sports simulated with various vehicle parts).  

The surrealism of the military itself also serves as a source of entertainment.  Given the overly bureaucratic nature of today's Army, it's sometimes difficult not to take advantage of the humor.  As a junior enlisted, I often kept myself occupied by working to understand the complex quagmire of Army regulations and testing the very limits of those regulations.  During one such venture, I orchestrated the award of the "Jedi" to a number of my fellow soldiers.  The memo below was used in an attempt to dissuade any inquiring higher ups from making us remove it.  We found it to have about a 50% success rate.

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