18 March 2010

Packing the Books...

As I continue to put off packing in favor of watching Julie and Julia, I am still struggling with the books that I want to take on the first leg of this trip (I've got a bookshelf of titles ready to be mailed as I move through titles). I have rather expansive taste (more honestly I lack any focus in selecting what I want to read) in books as you can see by my Amazon wishlist and the books I've reviewed on my other website (LocalPlan.org).

So far I've narrowed the list down to:

  • The Bully of Bentonville
  • Land Administration for Sustainable Development
  • Heavy Metal in Baghdad
  • The Triple Bottom Line
  • Rediscovering Black Conservatism
  • Sociology - Understanding a Diverse Society
I have also added significantly to my "must bring" gear.  Most of my recent additions include tactical gear (mine probing kit, rapid personnel recovery kit, poleless litter, IR strobe light, tourniquets, and Nalgene canteens).

We'll see how all the packing goes.  As for plans for actually getting out of Asheville, well that's a complete nightmare at this point, but I am sure it will all come together if the Army wants it to.  

In terms of my personal exit strategy, I'm trying to keep things on the calm side, but things I have forgotten today perpetually creep up.  Not to mention that I put off finishing every course I was taking until today so it's been a mad dash to try to get all that finalized before going full on Army on Saturday.


Robert Maier said...

Thanks for the update. We'll be following you here.

Cynthia said...

Chris wants to know how the Bully of Bentonville was. Who was it? Sherman?