05 May 2010

And So It Begins...

So we've finally made the big move. After over 24 hours of traveling
we arrived in Kuwait (via Canada and Germany). It's not too hot yet as
we hit the ground around sunset, but we've been told to expect a hot
morning. The food in Kuwait was good and the accommodations in terms
of internet access and phones is much better than what we had in Fort
McCoy. This place has 24 hour food joints, multiple PXs, and pretty
much any recreational amenity you can ask for. We'll see how Iraq
compares in a couple of days.

I occupied my time on the flight with an autobiography of John Lennon,
a book on water and food shortages, copious amounts of caffeine, and
lots of sleep. I took some videos to show how exactly we occupy our
travel time and I'll attempt to post them soon. Other than that
things are good, everyone is safe, and everyone is happy to finally be
free of Fort McCoy.

Posted for Josh by Stephanie


BK said...

Josh -- this picture of you and your daughter is incredible. I have never seen so much love, beauty, and sadness in one picture in quite the same way. I hope you don't mind, but I linked to this image from my blog and mentioned who you were and what you were doing.

Josh O'Conner said...

Thanks! I tried to find the blog, but couldn't right off hand (slow internet tonight). Do you think you can post a link?

Warren said...

Good luck, come home safe!

BK said...