09 May 2010

A Dusty Grey, Smelly Place

After a few days of flying.  Wandering around bases in Kuwait.  Lots of trying to find WiFi.  Lots more reading.  And a pretty vicious mosquito attack resulting in an oddly swollen hand (I look like I'm wearing a Hulk hand), I've finally arrived at my destination in Iraq.  It's dusty, somehow muddy, hot, and everything is surrounded by 20ft blast walls.  It's very difficult to get oriented as it's completely flat and everything moves from one group of walls to the next.  The ground is stained by salt everywhere and there is only sparse vegetation.  At times it seems that the ground, the horizon, the walls, buildings, and the sky are all just different shades of the same color.

We have a lot of work ahead over the next few days working to pick up on all the work habits of the unit we are replacing and assuming control of their projects.  Hopefully everyone is acclimated by now, but if they are anything like me it's hard not to be completely exhausted by all of this moving around.  I'll try to post some pictures soon.  Until then, Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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