07 May 2010

Exploring Kuwait

So after enduring the heat for a couple of days, I am getting re-acclimated to desert life.  It's actually very nice weather until after midday and then with the wind it feels like someone is chasing us around with a hair dryer.  Kuwait is much different then Afghanistan in terms of what's available and how much money the Army has invested here.  When I was in Afghanistan, it was more or less a forgotten war.  Having seen trucks and equipment moving back from the Iraq border, I am beginning to think we will be in better shape this time.  We went on several convoys in Afghanistan in HMMWVs with cloth doors covered in sheet metal and sand bags on the floor in a vein attempt at deflecting blasts.  Everything I have seen on this deployment is fully up armored.

We went out and about on a firing range today and got to drive off the main base for a while.  Other than US convoys and other US Foward Operating Bases, there really wasn't much to see.  Just miles and miles of desert.  We are working on completing our last training requirements before venturing into Iraq. 

As I mentioned earlier, the weather is not horrible here.  As the sun sets, there is usually a nice breeze that calms things down and brings down the temperature quickly.  We had a brief lightning storm this evening, and right now the weather is perfect for walking around.

Very few people have gotten used to the time change, and unlike bases in the states, this base never sleeps.  There are several 24 hour activity areas (including a KFC, Starbucks, etc.).  As I write this some people are just waking up from naps and wandering off to see what they can get into.

I hope to have an address soon, but given the availability of everything here, I can't think of anything I would need sent.  There is always a huge selection of books, including new, best-sellers.  I am enjoying working my way through Michael Pollan's Food Rules at the moment (review forthcoming).

That's it for now.  If anyone has any questions, please post them in the comments and I will see what I can do to answer them.  One of the long-term goals of blogging about this deployment is to expose people to the behind the scenes and between the lines aspects of war (if you would call this that).

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