29 August 2010

Vote for Me!

22 August 2010

A Series of Randomness

So looking at the date of my last post, I see it's been quite some time sense I put anything up.  Sorry about that...  I have spent most of my time knocking out civillian classes which are suprisingly entertaining (well at least they give me something to pass time with), but increasingly time consuming.  I have also attempted to perform some iPhone surgeries (so far one successful and one unsuccessful).

Apparently the last combat troops left Iraq last week sometime, it makes me wonder what exactly I am and why they make me tote this gun around all time.  I keep hoping that maybe they forgot to tell the rest of and we'll get to leave too, but I don't think it works that way.  All in all things are the same in Iraq, there is a sort of tense vibe at times (or an air of ambivalence, I can't tell which) waiting to see what will happen for the transition to Operation New Dawn on September 1, 2010.  I'm really not expecting anything to terribly exciting, but I'll take pictures if they drop confetti from the sky or anything.

We've incorporated a formalized movie night into our weekly routine.  It's pretty exciting as you can see here.  "Pretty Ricky" there in the middle actually passed out due to all the excitement.  Actually the vote for movie night is more of a form of entertainment than anything else.  It's amusing to see what your vote gets switched to and who gets a new nickname on the vote board.

I've discovered the joy of 6Pazzi, a semi-Italian type food place here on base.  So far I have had the blue cheese pizza and lamb chops.  Albiet pricey it's nice to escape from the chow hall food every once in a while.  In a cruel twist of fate it has a structure that looks exactly like a bar, but has no alcohol.

Thanks to everyone for all the cool things you've sent.  Food goes fast as we tend to get wrapped up in things and miss a meal or two.  I've been reading books left and right... I keep posting the reviews on Amazon hoping that I can write enough product reviews to get them to send me free stuff.

That's all for now... I'll try to catalog all the excitement in a more timely fashion.