21 January 2011

Jamey Johnson - The Guitar Song

Jamey Johnson returns to country's roots with songs of desperation and heartache delivered with powerful and notoriously sad guitar riffs. Johnson avoids much of the peppiness and materialism that has come pervasive among today's pop-country chart-toppers instead looking to revive the melancholy romanticism on which the genre was built.

Johnson's laments demonstrate his loyalty to his native Alabama as he explores his travels, his debt, and his love lost. Normally, I am no fan of country music, but I found the bluesy, folky feel of Johnson's "The Guitar Song" to be centered around the core that most country music has strayed away from. His music is explosively emotional and his lyrics are vivid allowing the listener to understand his state of mind as he languishes through each tune searching for some meaning or some identity that eludes him.

"The Guitar Song" is worth checking out, its 25 tracks has a little bit of something for everyone in his throw back to 1970s southern rock/country. Honestly, Johnson would present some serious competition in a remake of the "Smoky and the Bandit" soundtrack.