28 June 2012

$15 Haul from the Farmers Market

Admittedly, I've always been a skeptic of farmers market and the whole local foods movement simply because there are times when the prices can be a little exclusionary.  I'm not saying fresh isn't better (it most certainly is), but food budgets being what they are, I've not always gotten the best deals.  Fortunately, I've had the pleasure of helping to kick off the first season of the Oakley Farmers Market and in many ways it's been a pretty mind changing experience.  I've spent a lot of time around food in my life and I tend to be very picky with what I'll eat and how much I'll pay for it.  Last week, I purchased a handful of vegetables and I was amazed that it came to less than what I was paying at the discount grocery store I usually get everything from.  This week, I came a bit more prepared to shop, and I thought I'd show off what a $15 haul looks like.  Check out the picture, this will be the base of quite a number of meals.  For someone that spends around $75 a week or less to feed a family of four, I'm pretty impressed with everything I got and I'll definitely try to shift as much of my shopping to the market as I can.

Here's the inventory:

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