29 July 2012

Oakley Chicken Condo (with Duck Annex) - Homemade Heaven

This is our second entry for the Eagledove Greenhouse chicken coop contest (there's time to enter until 5pm on July 31st, 2012).

Our chickens Pop-Pop, Yogurt, Sekhmet, Gabba-Gabba, Birdie, and Flamingo enjoy their spacious hand-crafted accomodations complete with classic tin roof.  

With a spacious common living area alongside a custom-crafted upcylcled SteelCase filing cabinet which now serves as a sleeping loft, these ladies live out 

their days in comfort and style.  They are joined by their neighbors Hansel and Gretel in the adjoining duck annex (which features similar sleeping 

accomodations and a large garden-view window.

The coop itself is handmade and features a number of salvaged materials.  It was constructed to take advantage of some weird slope issues and features a total of 96 square foot of internal floorspace.

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