28 August 2012

Magic shelves

I ran across some shelves the other day in an issue of Dwell that look pretty cool because they didn't have any visible hardware or actual shelving material.  The visual appearance of the shelves is that of books which have somehow become directly adhered to the wall.  If you want to make your own, check out the photos steps below:

1.  Chose the book (a hardcover at least 3/4" thick), clamp it, and drill holes all the way through the book which line up with a set up "L" shaped brackets (spaced 1" from the each edge).

2.  Use book binding screws (hollow post screws) to go through the "L" shaped bracket and hold the whole thing together.

3.  Mount the books using drywall anchors (I went with the screw in type rated to 75lbs).  Here's a picture of the end product.  Mine hold at least 7-8 books each with no signs of issues.

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