23 August 2012

Van Gogh Screams for Jesus

When I first saw the story of Cecilia Giménez’s accidental defacing of the Jesus portrait in Madrid, I felt for sure that the article must be a spoof or a satire of some sort.  It turns out that it is in fact, sadly true that in her attempt to recover the fresco for water damage Giménez ended up reducing the portrait into something that looks like a man-monkey wearing a Mennonite inspired muumu.

Here's the original painting along-side the version that Giménez felt she needed to restore.

I would like to entertain my alternative hypothesis that Giménez is actually an elderly avant garde artist introducing her social critique titled “Van Gogh Screams for Jesus.”  The rendering below shows Ms. Giménez’s thought process in arriving at the finished product.  Rumors are beginning to circulate that Giménez may actually be the true personification of the street artist Banksy.

Hopefully some good can come of this tragedy and we'll see the emergence of a meme featuring this "artist's" perspective on classics.  Here's the first one I've stumbled across.

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