01 December 2013

Recreating the Ramen Burger

I saw mention of the ramen burger some months ago on the internet and wanted to play with the concept.  After scouring AllRecipe’s Roku channel for new culinary adventures while waiting for my kids to finally fall asleep, I ran across the video below.

I decided to try out the concept for myself, and have a few tweaks on the recipe provided in the video.
  • For my noodles, I actually didn't use instant ramen (we had a hard time finding any vegetarian flavors).  Instead I used ramen noodles from the Asian food store and cooked them in Tom Yum paste (a sour/spicy flavor).  I preferred the ability to control the flavor of the noodles.

  • I used duck eggs from Happy Acres Homestead (aka my backyard) instead of chicken eggs as the binder.  Duck eggs have a much richer yolk and work better as a binder.
  • Instead of placing the noodles in plastic wrap as directed, I just stored them until they were cold in a glass bowl with a cover (post mixing the egg in).  There isn't really a need for the plastic wrap and I'm of the opinion that if you can avoid wrapping your food in plastic you probably should.  Instead of pre-forming the ramen "buns", I used egg rings to hold them into the desired shape as I cooked them.

  • Instead of a burger, we used Morningstar Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers (for no particular reason other than it was all we had and I really wanted to try the recipe and I hate going into the grocery store when other people are there).

The end product is exceptional, but it's also pretty heavy.  Personally, I decided to forego the egg because I felt that it was a bit much.  Arugula is a really nice touch (I also recommend coating the bun in chow chow or another similar sweet relish and Siracha).